Indoor and Outdoor LED Message Centers and Displays

All Bight offers a large selection of indoor moving message displays, outdoor electronic signs, and programmable moving message signs. Most electronic LED signs can be networked and connected to a computer to form an integrated, visual information system. Digital LED displays are programmed in several ways: locally by infrared wireless remote; connecting the LED electronic sign directly to a PC via serial ports; or via wireless communication or modem communication with an Ethernet adapter integrated to an existing LAN-WAN. LED signs may be programmed from a centralized location using a PC running Windows based LED sign software. Electronic digital signs are available in multiple configurations including single-line scrolling signs, multi-line message boards, full-matrix moving message signs, large scale full color electronic outdoor sign. Indoor and outdoor LED scrolling message signs can be used at schools, churches, banks and retail stores. LED signs provide real-time information, increase traffic and promote your business.  Use LED signs to improve production and communication in the workplace.

Full Color LED Display Systems integrates modular LED displays with software to provide uunprecedented video quality for entertainment, sports installations, and other outdoor venues. The development and production of this pDSCF3665roduct incorporates the latest technology and the most ergonomic features into its design to ensure delivery of crystal-clear images high-performing digital video interface connectivity, and multimedia display possibilities. The smart software allows you to easily manage and make changes to your display from your computer. Create a compelling moving message in minutes, schedule a sequence of messages, and transmit the animation oschedule to the LED Sign.


Keep you customers informed about the current gas prices at your station. Adjust gas prices at a moments notice using our wireless keypads. We offer a wide range of sizes, and LED colors. Additional sizes available by special order.


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